Top 5 reasons to write a blog when you are learning something new

Top 5 reasons to write a blog when you are learning something new


Are you learning any thing new? or Looking for ways to concretize what you learnt? or Want to share something you discovered that takes more than a google search? or Do you simply want to share your thoughts and ideas?

Then you should write a blog!

I am listing my 5 top reasons to write a blog when you are learning something new.

1. Research

It is almost impossible to write a good blog without doing ample amount of research. While you may do some research while learning something, in order to write about it you will need a lot more content than what you have learnt.

For example,

If you are trying to learn basic syntax of html. You will learn only about the syntax of html. But for you to write a good blog on syntax of html, you will have to gather a lot more content, like when, what and how the syntax of html is formulated.

So in the end, you will be more knowlegable than just learning the syntax.

2. Visibility

One of the key turn of events in any ones success story is when they get recognized by the world for the knowledge and talent.

By writing a blog about what you are learning and sharing it, you are showcasing all the things you know and how good you are in communicating what you know. This attracts a lot of recruiters and you don't have to explicitly prove them how good you are.

This brings us to our next reason...

3. Communication

How much good does it make if you have all the knowledge in the world but you can not share it?

While sharing what you know is one aspect of a blog, in order to share what mean effectively, you need good communication skills. As with all the trades, getting good communication skills require practise. What better way to practise than try and communicate what you are currently learning?

4. Guidance

My grandfather used to tell me, The best way to learn something is to teach others.

There can be any number of people looking for resources about what you are learning. So sharing what you are learning through a blog can become guidance for someone who is learning the same. In this process, you will concretize the knowledge you have as you will be repeating what you learnt for the blog.

5. Grow Community

How do you think any community is formed? Don't think too much. It's by sharing.

I am sure you have taken help while learning something through article and blogs of various writers. By writing blog about something you are learning, you are helping a community of people looking for the same knowledge you have. You are not only learning but also helping the community of whatever you are learning.

So... those are my top 5 reasons to write a blog while you are learning something new.

Fun Fact: This blog is written while learning about writing blogs through Hashnode bootcamp